We've been introducing Mobican for over 20 years! During these years we have seen much from companies producing contemporary bedroom sets throughout the World. Some of them possess beautiful designs, some exceptional quality, some offer a big variety of case goods to accompany their bedrooms, and some offer lots of different wood choices.

Mobican; however, has it all! As a contemporary furniture lover you can clearly see the beautiful lines of their design. What you do not see and do not know is the production process. You can not completely appreciate the quality of the furniture unless you are familiar with it's construction.

Being in business since 1988, Mobican produces the highest possible quality of furniture: solid joints, the best of hardware, carefully selected woods. They chose wood with a unique grain pattern as well as a combination of colors. Mobican uses walnut, cherry, maple, oak and teak and makes sure that all colors, grains, and patterns complement each other. Mobican also uses the highest quality of European hinges, drawer slides, and lights.

We, at MC Furniture are proud to introduce this great Manufacturer of the best furniture!