Sigma XLL Wood Table by Calligaris CS/4069

$ 2,856.00

Sigma XLL super drop-leaf table, made in wood throughout. Perimeter legs and rectangular top.
The OMNIA XLL table contains a handy mechanism able to extend the top surface. Pull the frame towards you so that the two legs with hidden castors slide on one side allowing the wood leaf to be pulled out and opened with a folding configuration. The perimeter legs have a slanting cut in the inside part, a distinctive detail in the aesthetics.
Sigma XLL is a large super drop-leaf table, ideal for furnishing a large dining room. 
Total height: 29 ⅝
Width when closed(Width when open): 70 ⅝(94.5 )
Single depth: 39
Made in Italy

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The current physiognomy of Calligaris is born from the union between its artisanal tradition, synonymous with quality, care and Italian style and the industrialization that has made it a leader in the furniture industry. To date the Calligaris Group has 600 employees, operating subsidiaries in the United States, Japan, Russia and France and five manufacturing plants, including one in Croatia. It distributes its products with over 800 catalogue products in 90 countries worldwide.