Majestic, aesthetic, innovative, solid, fascinating.
All these words are true but insufficient to describe the uniqueness of Seltz furniture. Simply the best.
Seltz furniture, a family business, is a leading manufacturer of  solid wood modern and contemporary furniture. The best craftsman, the best cabinet makers, and the best designers are involved in the process of building these works of art. 
Drawers, sliding doors, extensions, leaves… Seltz can make furniture to your own specifications with the best solutions that adapt to your needs. Contemporary simplicity combines with timeless design that will never go out of fashion. How about the Antigua collection? The Antigua magic. How do they create this gorgeous glass of different colors? Seltz uses the secrets of it's glass masters and craftsmen. They mix ground glass with a dosage of copper oxide. The mix, heated to 840 degrees, creates small bubbles as it melts. 24 hours are required for a soft heating, melting, and cooling. 
Impress your guests with your dining room from Seltz and they will talk about it for many months to come...